Patrick Harrington
The Palm Springs Psychic

Patrick has greatly assisted me on several occasions. All readings have been very accurate, interesting and revealing. I was particularly concerned over how a specific life event would come to an ending and consulted Patrick. With amazing accuracy, down to the tiniest detail, Patrick called it exactamundo. As I experienced this event unfold (which was not seeming to end the way he said it would, but then did), I suddenly felt as if I was reliving it because it was so shockingly accurate from my reading, I could hardly believe it. Sincerely, a grateful customer from Michigan. 

Some comments from Patrick's recent Mediumship Workshop:

"I was drawn here are a very gifted medium, very compassionate and caring. God bless! Wonderful class, great group energy. I look forward to more classes as I continue down my spiritual path."

"Thank you Patrick - very informative evening. You answered many of my questions and confirmed what I believe. Thanks for seeing, feeling my mom and her sense of humor (and love of chocolate!)."

"Class was extremely enjoyable. I really appreciate your open, gentle and sincere approach. Thank you for allowing us the individual time plus the opportunity to ask questions."

"Patrick's talent as a medium is apparent. I thank him for allowing us to experience his energy."

"I love the spirit of God in everything that you do."

"I found the reading I received to be very good. It validated what my father was to me. This was a good way to touch more than one person. It also allows others to share and learn from all the experiences."

Some comments follow from those who received private readings:

"You made me a believer! My son was killed in a train accident 10 years ago. You were able to describe him perfectly- right down to the clothing he was wearing when he crossed over. God Bless you and keep you, Patrick Harrington!"
Joyce W
West Seneca, NY

"I have seen many psychics but none as accurate and useful as Patrick Harrington. My mom died a few years ago. We had unfinished business. I am now able to put closure on our relationship"
Cena C
Palm Springs, CA

"How can I ever thank you for the peace of mind you gave me? My reading with you brought back so many memories of important people in my life who have passed-away.I will never forget you, Patrick Harrington!"
John H
29 Palms, CA